To help you get to the finish line, we have Running For Good, a hub for all things running.

From training plans, to injury-prevention, to oh so nutritious recipes, we’ve got you covered.

Training plans

A solid training plan is going to be your running best friend, trust us. From 5k to full marathon, download a free training plan to guide you every step of the way.

Nutrition and hydration

It’s not all about running. A nutritious diet and staying hydrated are both super important. We’ve got some top advice to help you eat and drink well.

Stretching advice

Making sure that you properly stretch is a really important part of your training. We’ve put together some exercises that’ll help keep you feeling tip-top.

Put your running questions to the pro

Nick and Tom from RunningWithUs are giving pro advice in our running Facebook group. Join the group, ask them your questions and chat to your fellow fundraising runners.

Get started by finding a training plan for your race

Your training toolkit

Runner Stories

Running stories

You're not in this alone, your fellow fundraising runners are here for you. Check out their stories for some pearls of running wisdom

Running Playlists

Running playlists

Behind every great training plan is a great running playlist. We've put together some absolute corkers to get you out of bed for those cold, early morning runs.

Nutrition and Hydration

Carb-loading recipes

We've collected some of our favourite recipes from across the web to help you get your carb fix.

Looking for help with your London marathon fundraising?

We’ve got all the tips to help you smash your target

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