We’ve got a ton of fun things to help you on your running journey.

From playlists to keep you motivated, to cool GIFS to celebrate your fundraising, we’re with you every step of the way.

Running for Good playlists

When you’re out one of those long, lonely training runs and you suddenly hit a wall, a great playlist will get your legs through. Pop one of these playlists on your smartphone and smash that next run. You’ve got this.

The RUNNING running playlist

A running playlist where all the songs are about running. Clever huh? Yep, someone here at JG HQ is patting themselves on the back about that one. GUYS, they've all got the word RUN in them *falls off chair*

The pop anthems playlist

You know those brilliant, life-affirming pop songs that make you feel like you can do anything? This is a whole playlist of 'em. Expect euphoric pop bangers that make you feel unstoppable.*

(*There's a lot of Sia. That's kinda her thing)

Running for Good GIFS for your fundraising

Want to talk about your fundraising on Facebook and Twitter? We’ve created some cool GIFs tol help your posts stand out.

Running a marathon? Tell your pals with this GIFs.

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Here’s a GIF for all of you half marathon heroes.

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Say thanks to people who’ve supported you with these GIF.

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Race day today? Let people know and ask for their support.

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Crossed the finish line? Shout it loud and proud.

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Hit 25% of your fundraising target? Celebrate the milestone.

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Close to your target? Encourage a few more donations.

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Smashed your target? You hero! Tell the world with this GIF.

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Looking for help with your London marathon fundraising?

We’ve got all the tips to help you smash your target

Join Running For Good

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